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Blue Ice T10 Soft Serve

Digital Ice Cream Machine

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A high quality, soft serve ice cream machine with an excellent output to meet demand. Easy and fast production of ice cream, frozen yoghurt and sorbet.

Single flavor • Countertop • Gravity fed • Microprocessor control

Available for purchase or lease.

MASSIVE FREE Starter Pack Included…

Ice Cream Mix & Cones

350 FREE Servings

12 x 1 Litre Eeazy Ice Cream Mix

1 x 420 GB2 Cones

Ice Cream Toppings

FREE Toppings

1 x 144 Cadbury's Flakes

1 x 1kg Peanut Nibbs

Topping Sauces

FREE Sauces

1 x 625g Strawberry Sauce

1 x 625g Bubblegum Sauce