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Delicious Ice Cream Tubs

Ice Cream Tubs

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  • Colourful Design
  • Safe For Direct Food Contact
  • Stackable for easy Storage
  • Lids made to fit 

Summer is here and our new range of Ice Cream Tubs are the perfect companion for serving ice cream, sorbet, frozen yoghurt, fresh fruit and more! Ideal for taking away your sweet treats, whether you are serving from a food fair, café, shop or event. The colourful designs come in FIVE sizes – 3.5oz (one scoop), 5oz (two scoops), 8oz (three scoops), 10oz (four scoops) and 16oz (five scoops).

Weight Per Box Quantity Per Box
3.5oz Delicious
One Scoop
Wax Paper
2.5kg 500
5oz Delicious
Two Scoop
Wax Paper
3.5kg 500
8oz  Delicious
Three Scoop
Wax Paper
3.6kg 500
10oz Delicious
Four Scoop
Wax Paper
6kg 500
16oz Delicious
Four Scoop
Wax Paper
7kg 500